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SolidWorks 95?

January 19th, 2009
SW 95 Requirements

SW 95 Requirements

SW 95 User Guide
SW 95 User Guide

 Hi all,

For my first post, I thought I would share something fun since SolidWorks World 2009 (#SWW09 in twitter) is coming up in a few days.  How many folks have ever worked on SW 95 much less have seen the original disc and User’s Guide?  Well, I started out on SW 95 with a company in my distant past.  We were very small but technically savy.  As a 2-D house, we were looking to make the jump to a 3-D CADD package.  One of my co-workers knew someone who had just had a demo of this new parasolid kernel based 3-D software called SolidWorks.  In late ‘95 we had a demo from a VAR out of Atlanta and bought our first 2 seats with one seat of PhotoWorks in Early ‘96.  Being in a small company allowed me to keep my hands on certain “things” and as the company changed hands a few times, I retained posession of all the discs and most of the user’s guides up through SW 2007.  At SolidWorks World 2007 in New Orleans, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of the SolidWorks bloggers.  I was asked to join them since Ricky Jordan (of rickyjordan.com) and I are from the same user group and we were hanging around together.  During Sunday nights Superbowl party, the conversation turned to who had been using SW the longest.  As it turned out it ended up being me so that’s when I supprised the group by pulling the disc and guide out of my travel bag.  I brought them with the intention of trying to get some autographs.  Everyone laughed and the first question that popped out was “what were the system requirements?”.  In the mean time Brian McElyea (of CADFanatic.com) was in the food line refilling his plate with wings or hotdogs or something and ran into John McEleney then president of SolidWorks.  Brian mentioned the guide and our conversation so John came over to the table and introduced himself to me and started talking about SolidWorks.  I asked him if he would autograph the guide and as he was about to sign he asked the question “what were the system requirements?”.  The table erupted in laughter.  The next morning I was lucky enough to have John Hirschtick autograph the guide as well. 

Ben Eadie from solidmentor.com was covering the event and made the following video.  Thanks Ben for the nice comments. 

I hope to see you all soon,



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  • Steve Calvert

    Rich, very good story and welcome to the Blog world, I'll read it everyday. Hope to see you at World.


  • Ahh...that book signing was classic. Definitely a classic moment when Johnny Mac asked what the system requirements were! LOL!

    I forgot about Ben's video. Thanks for the posting it!


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